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Frequent asked questions

Where is the Alhambra?

The Alhambra is located in Granada, Spain. It is a palace and fortress complex that dates back to the 14th century and is considered one of the finest examples of Moorish architecture. The Alhambra is situated on a hilltop overlooking the city of Granada and offers stunning views of the surrounding area. It is a popular tourist attraction and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

How to get to the Alhambra?

There are several ways to get to the Alhambra, but they are different depending on whether we want to go on foot, by car or choose to take the bus.

How to get there on foot

Although the Alhambra is located near the city center, we must bear in mind that its elevated situation means that we have to climb several slopes.

  1. The most direct way is to go to Plaza Nueva square and, once there get the street Cuesta de Gomerez in the opposite site.You enter the Nasrid complex through the Puerta de las Granadas and then cross the beautiful forest of the Alhambra, which surrounds the entire enclosure. You will walk through poplars, horse chestnut, shade plantains, acacias, hazelnuts, laurels, maples and some poplars. You will find three paths that lead to the entrance pavilion to the Alhambra, where the ticket offices are located. The path of the center, wider than the other two, leads to the Tomato Fountain which has a monument dedicated to the Granada writer Ángel Ganivet. The distance between Plaza Nueva and the entrance pavilion to the Alhambra is approximately 1 km.
  2. You can also walk along the street Cuesta del Rey Chico (or Cuesta de los Chinos) at the end of the street Paseo del Darro you will find the Paseo del Darro. Cross the last bridge before Cuesta del Chapiz street. And begin a considerable ascent with a wide flight of stairs, which then rewards you with a beautiful landscape. You will walk along the towers of the wall and a stream of water. This road ends at the El Mimbre Restaurant, there you turn left and you will find the main entrance of the Alhambra.
  3. A third way would be through the steep slopes of Realejo, and it is a good option if we are in this neighborhood. To do this we must climb the Cuesta del Realejo and the street Antequeruela Baja, very narrow streets, but they also lead us to our destination.
How to get there by bus

The Alhambra is well connected to the public transport service. In the city there is a line of red minibuses that can pass through the narrow streets of Albaicín and Realejo.

Departures from square Plaza Isabel la Católica:
Line C30
Line C32
See bus schedule


How to get there by car
  1. The fastest way is by the Granada Ring Road (N-323, A44). We turn off at exit 132 Ronda Sur. At all times you will find the signs to the Alhambra. When we enter the long tunnel of the Serrallo we will join in the left lane to take the exit 5A. When leaving the tunnel, at the next roundabout, take the direction Avda. of Santa Maria de la Alhambra, an uphill path that leads us to the Old Cemetery Road. We will reach a roundabout where the signs will tell us to turn left to reach the parking of the Alhambra. We recommend taking the Granada Ring Road (N-323, A44) as the easiest way, but there are others.
  2. If we are in the center of Granada, we have the option of going along the Carretera de la Sierra until we reach the roundabout that leads us to the Avda de Santa Maria de la Alhambra.
  3. Another way is through the Paseo de la Bomba until you take the Cuesta Escoriaza, and up the streets Vistillas de los Angeles, Cuesta del Caidero and Antequeruela Baja. Once we reach the Alhambra Palace Hotel, we just have to continue along the Generalife promenade to get to the parking. This option is not very advisable for those who have never been to Granada, since it is easier to get lost.

What is the Nasrid Palaces?

The Nasrid Palaces are one of the main attractions within the Alhambra complex in Granada, Spain. They are a series of interconnected palaces that were built by the Nasrid dynasty, the last Muslim rulers of the Iberian Peninsula, during the 13th and 14th centuries. The Nasrid Palaces are known for their exquisite architectural details, intricate stucco work, beautiful tilework, and stunning courtyards and gardens. Some of the notable palaces within the Nasrid Palaces are the Palace of Mexuar, the Palace of Comares, and the Palace of the Lions. These palaces showcase the rich Islamic and Moorish architectural styles and provide a glimpse into the luxurious lifestyle of the Nasrid rulers.

Where can I buy tickets?

In advance:

Official website.
Phone number: +34 858 953 616.
Automatic machines located in the Alhambra and in the Andalusi monuments.
Ticket Office, access pavilion (subject to availability for the current day).

Are the tickets nominative?

Yes, tickets are personal and non-transferable. Each visitor must carry his own ticket during the whole visit, and it must be presented with a personal identification document issued by the Ministry of Interior or homologous organization of his country.

Can I change the name of the visitor?

the identification of the visitor may be changed up to the day before the visit in the following proportion per purchase locator (letter code and identification number in the ticket reservation and sales system, up to a maximum of 30 people):

From 5 to 9 tickets: 1 name.
From 10 to 19 tickets: 2 names.
From 20 to 30: 3 names.

Can I change the date or time of the visit?

It is not possible to change the time or date of the visit.

I want to cancel my ticket. Is it possible?

Once you have purchased your tickets.

I have children. Do they need a ticket?

Even being free, it is compulsory to have a ticket for minors to access the Monumental Complex.
  • Minors from 3 to 11 years old: you must book the ticket accompanied by the tickets for adults. Having a ticket is a guarantee for any incident that may occur at the monument.
  • Minors under 3 years old: you can ask for the ticket in the ticket office. No booking required.

How long does it take to visit the Alhambra?

The general visit to the Alhambra takes around 3 hours.

Does the Alhambra offer guides or audioguides?

The Council of Alhambra and Generalife does not offer guide services. However, we offer visitors an audio guide service. For further information:

How many times can I enter to every place?

You can access to every place inside the Alhambra (Alcazaba, Nasrid Palaces, Partal and Generalife) just once. However, you can go in and out of the complex all the times you need. For example, if you want to visit any of the areas in the morning, going out to have lunch and coming back to continue, there is not any inconvenience, always taking into account the opening hours of the monument and the special time for Nasrid Palaces.

Can I enter with a baby stroller?

No, you can not access inside the buildings with a baby stroller. The Council of Alhambra and Generalife offers a surveillance service for strollers and baby backpacks for hiring, presenting the ticket of the day. Visitors who wish to do so may deposit their stroller in the Puerta del Vino locker and obtain in exchange a baby carrier backpack (up to a maximum of 12 kg.)

How can I organize my visit with a wheelchair?

The Council has some wheelchairs for hire which can be taken out in the access pavilion, under availability. To hire them, it is necessary to show prove of identity and fill in a form. Users will commit themselves to good use and returning of it. The Alhambra has an established itinerary for wheelchairs. The route can be checked at the following link:

Is there any parking for visitors?

Yes, Alhambra car park has 360 parking spaces and is guarded 24 hours. There are four areas, one of them for buses and caravans.