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Don’t feel lost again in your travel destination, Hiring a personal tour guide enhances the value of your trip

Explore the top attractions of Spain, Portugal & Morocco escorted by a professional tour guide.

Languages available: English, French, Arabic


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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Local Guide When Traveling

  1. Uncovering the stories and details of the places you visit to make them come alive and cement them in your memory.
  2. Taking a tour with a local guide means you learn about the importance of ingredients and dishes to the local people. You go to local cafés and restaurants and avoid mass-produced tourist traps.
  3. Local tour guides and companies offering local experiences are predominantly local businesses. This means your travel spend is directly impacting the local community.
  4. Discover new places that are out of the way and a bit unusual!
  5. Tour guides are usually very talented and interesting people. It takes a certain amount of confidence and passion to be a tour guide and I have rarely come across one that does not add deep insight and a sense of fun into their tours


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