Why travel by train in Europe?

The train is the most convenient and cost effective way to travel in Europe from one city to another.

Europe’s rail network is one of the safest and most modern in the world. With more than 250,000 kilometres of tracks  trains can take you everywhere. From high speed to panoramic trains, the experience of travelling on board a train is simply unique. Reach your destination fresh and relaxed!

We give you 5 good reasons to travel by train in Europe:

  • Money saver
  • More comfort
  • Stops in city centre
  • Eco-friendly
  • Local experience

Affordable Trips

Whether you choose a rail pass -which allows you to travel as much as you want-  or a single train ticket, it can be very affordable when booked in advance.

Stop at the City Centre

All main train stations are located in the heart of cities and benefit from excellent connections with other public transportations.

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