Authentic & easy travels with local guides

Behind every travel there is a tour director that will give you all the local insiders tips.  Explore beyond the icons with real, authentic and local experiences and make it easy, convenient accommodation, smooth transport from place to place and local guides are all included. Plus a bunch of Halal meals and travel experiences locked in.

Tenerife Canary Island for Muslim visitors


It’s not just where we go that will have you hooked, it’s how we do travel. Hassle-free, experience-oriented, and always with absolutely no regrets.
Tenerife Canary Island for Muslim visitors
Tenerife Canary Island for Muslim visitors
Tenerife Canary Island for Muslim visitors
Tenerife Canary Island for Muslim visitors




Discover the Islamic Art legacy of Al-Andalus

Arabs, sirians and north africans lived in Spain for 8th centuries founding the biggest cities of the western world and the most important center of knowledge in the Medieval age. For those travelers who loves History insights an in-depth travel to Andalusia is an extraordinary experience that allows to discover the Muslim legacy of Al-Andalus still present in our culture and arts. 

Tenerife Canary Island for Muslim visitors


Get off the beathen path

See Spain, Portugal & Morocco destination through a local lens. Our trips are all about exploring a destination in-depth, with lots of culturally immersive experiences and interactions with the locals.

Go Shopping

Long opening hours, large pedestrianised shopping areas. The big cities have very well identified main shopping districts where it’s easy to find local designers, international brands,  original shops and charming artisan products. You will also be able to find specialist food and craft products that are bound to make great souvenirs of your trip.

Tenerife Canary Island for Muslim visitors
Spanish Tapas Tasting Andalucia Spain
Delight with the Spanish food

Spanish food is famous world over because of it is healthy, varied and  creative. Learn the secrets of the famed Mediterranean and put your hands on enrrolling in a workshop to cook spanish dishes.

 Clients Reviews

“Excellent! Our trip planner took care of every detail and it was fabulously planned with perfect timing, hotels, guides and the wonderful team. Sites were carefully programmed to give us a panoramic view of both countries and its culture. As very experienced travelers I can only say we had a great time.”

Barcelona & Andalusia 7 days Tour

“This travel agency did an extraordinary job of planning our trip. The private tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. We had asked for smaller unique luxury hotels and he booked us into delightful ones in great locations”
Sarah Salumyan

Spain, Portugal & Morocco 10 Days Tour

“Our agent did a wonderful job putting together a lovely trip for our anniversary on very short notice. Jamilah was very professional and attentive during the planning and booking process. We used email, phone, Skype and What’sApp to communicate. It was all very convenient. She was able to arrange several tours with private guides as well as book some very charming hotels. She was even kind enough to make some last minute changes to the itinerary that better suited our interests.”

Irfan Naim

Spain, Portugal & Morocco Tour 15 days

“Jamilah was fabulous, everything was beautifully arranged, she totally took care of us. I had asked for a very active trip, we are active seniors and she really gave us some great walks and one wonderful hike in the country up to a castle.”
Nur Farizah

Spain & Portugal 10 days tour

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Tenerife Canary Island for Muslim visitors