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Steeped in dark myths and bullfighting folklore, whilst boasting one of the most extraordinary locations in Spain, it is small wonder that Ronda has become Andalusia’s third most visited town. With its world-famous New Bridge and bullring, as well as the hidden corners of the gorge on top of which it perches, Ronda will not disappoint.


From the Torrecilla peak, at an altitude of more than 1900 m, in the heart of the Sierra de las Nieves, the hiker feels that Andalusia extends at his feet. The summit of Malaga is a privileged viewpoint that gives a lesson in geography. Surrounded by pine toads, the mountain is like a totem visible from all angles. The summit rises in the center of the Natural Park of the Sierra de las Nieves, one of the most valuable ecosystems of the southern peninsula, at whose feet rests a set of natural regions that make up the Serranía de Ronda.

There was a time when the myth of romantic Spain nested here. Travellers from the mid-nineteenth century, imbued with orientalism, visited Granada and Cordoba, and left for the last stages of their journey the city of Ronda, in Malaga, lying on a sharp pit, in the middle of a scene of severe gorges where the waters of the Guadalevín rush, which the Arabs called with the sweet name of river of milk. Its ponytail, the white waterfall that draws its fall to the cliff pit, splits the city in two.


Top things to see and  do in Ronda

Top things to see and do in Ronda

New Bridge One of southern Spain’s most famous attractions, Ronda’s epic Puente Nuevo or New Bridge, spans the 328-feet-deep El Tajo gorge, linking El Mercadillo (The Little Market), the newer part of town, with the old Moorish quarter. Completed...

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Discover Ronda’s Sweet Delights: A Guide to Famous Sweets and Desserts

Discover Ronda’s Sweet Delights: A Guide to Famous Sweets and Desserts

“Indulge in the flavors of Ronda, Spain, as we unveil the city’s delectable sweet offerings. From the iconic Yemas de Ronda to the irresistible Almendrados, this guide takes you on a culinary journey through the region’s famous sweets. Explore the traditional Tortas de Aceite and Alfajores, or savor the festive Roscos de Vino during your visit. Whether you’re strolling through the charming streets or enjoying a cup of coffee, these delightful treats are a must-try for any food enthusiast. Join us in uncovering the rich heritage and flavors of Ronda’s sweet delights!”

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