Probably, the most beautiful city in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. A city that has faced civilizations, through which kings have shed tears and whose streets are said to bewitch the traveler. With the palatine Andalusian city of the Alhambra crowning the city, and with the spectacular backdrop of Sierra Nevada, the city that saw the birth of Federico García Lorca is one of the favorite destinations for thousands of tourists from any corner of the world. Here you will find a selection of the best photos of Granada. If you want to know more in depth do not miss our reports and news.



when to go

Preferibly avoid the summer for the heat






232,000 inhabitants, 5% are muslims

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Sacromonte Quarter

Sacromonte Quarter

The Sacromonte is a neighborhood won to the rock. It was born 500 years ago to give shelter to the persecuted and ended up sacralizing itself under the cover of a legend. Its streets, which disappear abruptly at the edge of a pit or communicate by whitewashed...

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Corral del Carbón

Corral del Carbón

Corral del Carbón, called al-fundaq al-yadida in Arabic, meaning New Corn Exchange, was constructed in the first half of the 14th century, functioning as a storehouse and point of sale for wheat, as well as accommodation for the merchants who brought it to Granada....

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An Islamic Tour of Granada

An Islamic Tour of Granada

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the enchanting city of Granada, where the echoes of its Islamic past reverberate through its streets, architecture, and culture. This SEO-friendly Islamic tour of Granada invites you to explore the rich history, breathtaking landmarks, and spiritual significance that define the city’s Islamic heritage.

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