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Please don’t be one of those people who travel to Paris, Tokyo, or Nairobi and spends the entire trip eating at McDonald’s. How are you going to enjoy an authentic travel experience if you don’t eat what the locals eat? That gets a bit tricky when you’re on the hunt for halal food in a country that doesn’t have a Muslim majority, but there’s an app for that. – or 10 apps.


Calling all halal foodies! This app’s nice and simple – you pop in your location and get a list of nearby restaurants that offer halal options. Similar to Yelp!, it shows you the restaurant recommendations in list format, or through an interactive Google map. Haloodie’s Facebook is also very active, with plenty of reviews and recommendations from restaurants across the US and Europe.

Halal Dining Club
Search by location or type of food with Halal Dining Club and discover whether a restaurant is halal certified, is Muslim owned, has a halal kitchen, is halal friendly, serves alcohol or not, or whether it’s catered toward seafood and vegetarian options. Coverage for this app ranges from major cities in the UK, a couple of big cities across North America, and all of Singapore, and you can also use it to book a reservation at your halal restaurant of choice. As a more interactive feature for members, Halal Dining Club awards points for those who register, book or review restaurants, or join their mailing list; these points can then be used to pay it forward and donate to charities of choice through the app.

Halal Trip

Available in Arabic, English, and Turkish, Halal Trip goes beyond just food and covers the entire halal travel spectrum – from the Qibla and travel dua to finding halal restaurants and mosques wherever you are. You can search nearby for halal restaurants, or for halal dishes in regular restaurants. Halal Trips has also extended to include catered halal trips to various destinations around the globe.

ZabihahCovering the entire globe, Zabihah shows you nearby markets and restaurants, or you can search by destination and plan for your trip ahead of time. Users can also review restaurants and search for mosques on Zabihah, which is one of the oldest apps for halal food on the go.


Meembar focuses on the halal travel experience when it comes to restaurants, hotels, and mosques. Gathering its data from global Halal Certification bodies and through user-generated recommendations, Meembar also allows you to suggest, rate, check in, and write reviews about restaurants so as to benefit others.


Available in Arabic and English, Irhal has comprehensive overviews of certain destinations, with a focus on halal food, mosques, and halal hotel options. Search nearby for where to eat, stay, or pray.

Crave Halal
Apparently, these guys call each of the restaurants on the app – from all across Canada and the US – to confirm that they are actually Halal Certified.


After a long day of running around and exploring, sometimes you just want some good old delivery right to your hotel doorstep without having to worry whether or not your burger is halal. Hal’Rezo – available in Arabic, English, French, Dutch, and Spanish – not only highlights nearby halal restaurants, but lets you order your halal delivery straight through the app.


Halal navigation for every Asian destination, including restaurants, mosques, and halal hotels. Halal-Navi is relatively new and has a user-generated database, but for now it’s got comprehensive halal navigation all throughout Asia.

Halal Gourmet Japan
A bit more specific than the rest, Halal Gourmet Japan helps you find your halal options while visiting Japan – just choose your location and what type of food you’re feeling It also lets you search under certain conditions – whether there’s halal meat, pork, vegetarian options, group options, halal seasoning, alcohol, a prayer place, and tons more.

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