The Giralda Tower of Seville

May 1, 2019 | Travel Blog

The Giralda Tower, located in Seville, is a brick tower on the northeastern side of the Seville Cathedral and was originally the minaret of a mosque constructed by the moors between 1184 and 1198, at the height of Almohad power.

Today, standing 104 metres tall, the magnificent tower dominates the Seville skyline. One of the most recognized landmarks of the city of Seville, the Giralda offers visitors panoramic views of the town from the top. The towers inner construction has no stairs; it has a series of ramps, so that in the past, the guards could reach the top on horseback. The top part of the tower, including the bell, was added in the 16th century, by the Christians. The tower and the courtyard are the only remaining parts of the original structure; the rest of the 12th century mosque was replaced by the gothic cathedral.


Ticket Price

Entrance into the tower is through the cathedral

Adults 7.50 Euros

Children under 11 and all visitors on Sunday: Free


Opening Hour

Monday to Saturday: 11am-5pm

Sunday 2.30-6pm

July to August

Monday to Saturday: 9.30am-3.30pm

Sunday: 2.30pm-6pm


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