The Route of Modernist Architecture in Valencia

Aug 10, 2023 | Valencia

The Modernism Route in Valencia usually starts at Plaza de la Almoina, one of the oldest in the historic center, to see the house Punt de Ganxo (1902), so called because the decoration of its facade recalls a crochet point. From there you continue through the streets Colón, Sorní, Ramilletes and Marqués del Turia, in search of other beautiful modernist houses, such as the House of Dragons (1901), the Ordeig House (1907), the Casa Chapa (1916) and the Palacete de Ayora (1900), surrounded by gardens.

The markets Colon (1914) and Central (1910), with their characteristic structures of iron, glass and brick, are other essential stages; the last one is next to the Silk Exchange, a jewel of the civil Gothic declared Unesco Heritage.

Modernism in Valencia was characterized by the exaltation of proper signs, such as the orchard or the faults. It is seen in the Estación del Norte (1917), one of the most beautiful in Spain, which has a ceramic facade that imitates oranges and an interior with mosaic murals and tiles.


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